Wellness & Sport

Aqua Club Termal is the biggest spa in Tenerife and a unique leisure project with more than 6000 m2 of morden facilities for improvement of the wellbeing and health, three paddle courts with artificial grass, 800 m2 of gym space and a lot more. Here you will be able to remove body toxins, to lose weight and to improve the skin’s texture and aspect.
+34 922 716 555
Discount: from 25%
Paddle Club San Miguel is a perfect base for organizing events, offering an ideal environment to share with customers, employees, etc. It has a bar with a terrace where you can have snacks, cocktails and parties celebrating post-tournaments.
+34 922 70 36 80, +34 608 409 848
Discount: from 20%
Whatever your fitness goal is - to have a six pack abs, live longer, look great in a swimsuit, run your first 5 km or just to stay healthy and full of energy - personal trainer Francesco Cannavaccio is always ready to help you achieve it in a shorter period of time and in a safe way.
+34 618 736 152
Discount: from 20%
Ana Lozano Pilates is a pilates center, located in the south of Tenerife, which offers Pilates classes for pregnant women, children, also for golfers and footballers, for rehabilitation and allergos. If you want to change your body, look good and feel better, even if you have not done before any kind of physical exercise, our big team of highly experienced coaches are waiting for you in Ana Lozano Pilates center!
+34 674 272 606, +34 922 088 237
Discount: from 20%
The club Tecnisur Padel is a pioneer in the Canaries in indoor facilities, with six renewed hard courts and personal attention to each of our clients.
+34 922 032 165
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Ynot hairdressing salon invites you to discover our wide range of services and to become one of our satisfied customers. Our highly experienced hairdresser and stylist will advise you on any beauty issue you need.
+34 922 730 727
Discount: from 20%
Sonrisa Perfecta offers a quick, convenient and economical way to whiten teeth. The whitening gel is completely natural and free from peroxide and hydrogen. The treatment is painless and thanks to natural ingredients does not damage the gums and tooth enamel. Instant results with only one session.
+34 674 877 333
Discount: from 20%
Edos Bienestar y Belleza invites you to discover the pleasure of being taken care of. On your first visit we will give you a wonderful experience where you can choose between a facial massage, cranial massage, leg massage or reflexology session, each of these treatments will last 30 minutes.
+34 922 789 783
Discount: 10-20%